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Arts & Culture Village

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Madrid Events is working with the Des Moines Arts Commission (DMAC) for the 3rd consecutive year, to continue enhancing the community experience through the Summer and Fall activations that take place at the Des Moines Beach Park beginning after the 4th of July. Events include Summer Concert Series (SCS), Theater in the Park, and Squid-A-Rama.


About our Arts & Culture Activation

For the 2023 SCS, we’re initiating a new activation called Village Arts & Culture where we present a variety of artists, performers, and demonstrations or exhibitions that highlight local talent, and local artists. The Village Arts & Culture Activations (VACAs) take place preceding the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth concerts of the SCS. At the VACAs artists and vendors will be able to display and sell their artwork, products, and/or services in an “outdoor market” style setup, at the promenade between the Beach Park and Marina in Des Moines.


We're Growing!

As we continue to bring more arts, culture, and entertainment activations to Des Moines, we're open to your participation! Whether you're an artist, talent manager, city official, or a volunteer that loves what we're doing, we can't wait to hear from you and welcome you to the Village! Fill out the form, and you will be contacted within 48 hours by a Madrid Events representative!


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