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Madrid Events Seven C's

Bringing our core values to life. 

People have wildly diverse interpretations of what Arts, Culture & Entertainment means” Unknown.

We amplify the voices of local talent to paint a more comprehensive picture of how they experience their passions as they relate to arts, culture & entertainment, and help you see what lies at the core of your own community. It is the people who define the culture, so we let the people tell their stories... unscripted & unfiltered.



Real People

The Seven C’s are the foundation to all of our relationships, friendships, and partnerships. We sat down with some very talented individuals from the Pacific Northwest and California to ask them some important questions. Through their stories, you will see and learn about their experience working with Madrid Events, what Arts, Culture & Entertainment mean to them, and which of our core values resonate the most.

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Start a "Ship" With Us.

A "Ship" can be a new partnership, a new working relationship, a friendship, or a sponsorship. We are always open to collaborating with like-minded artists, individuals, or companies who share the same passion for helping positively impact communities. 

Deep Dive into the Seven C's

The Seven C’s are our core values, which drive the work we do, the relationships we foster, and the decisions we make as a company.


Our evolution has turned us into a company that is passionate about understanding the core of each community, how they function, and why they do what they do. As in every relationship, we had to understand and define that for ourselves first. 

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